Mubariz Nagiyev

Film Director, Scriptwriter, Producer, TV anchorman

Member of Azerbaijan Cinematographers Union,
Confederation of Cinematographers Unions of CIA and Baltic countries,
Azerbaijan Professional Film Directors' Guild
Azerbaijan Producers' Guild

About me

I have never been simple. I have always strived to be sophisticated. The real value of a human is in sophistication.
I was never born, have always been and always will be. No, I don't claim to be the Lord. Do you know what is the main difference between a creative person and others? We believe in contradictory truths. We can believe in God and His non-existence at the same time... Otherwise, what are we “creators”?
Everything in the world has an explanation, except the human essence... This essence can only be understood with the sixth, seventh, eighth senses, seen not with the eyes, but with insides, perhaps with the heart, if it isn't just a pump...
To see with the soul - that's the exact definition! When it is impossible to explain something, we always resort to this unknown attribute...
So behold me... If you may...

My Projects

Feture films and documentaries

Unknown Genius

Myths about nonentities are built on the nameless graves of true talents.

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